We’re fortunate enough to live in beautiful South Florida, but this also means there is water everywhere.  By being Water SMART you can help keep children safer from unintentional drowning.   more

Be Water SMART


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School is back in session and the weather is cooling down so we can enjoy our Florida weather a bit more.  Swim lessons for your and your children are offered at most pools year round.  You can make swimming a part of your after school activities and fitness routine.  Check out a pool or swim school near you!

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Drowning is the LEADING cause of injury death to children ages 1-4. To better protect your children:
1.      Provide constant, vigilant, adult supervision around any type of water in and outside the home, and during water play.
2.      Prevent unsupervised access to pools and spas with barriers and alarms.
3.      Learn how to perform rescue breathing and CPR. Keep a phone and shepherds hook poolside.
4.      Enroll your child into swim lessons.
5.      Install and maintain drain covers that prevent entrapment and entanglement.