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Soleila G. Estien (01/04/07-11/27/09)

SoleilaSoleila observed, explored, and learned the world around her. There wasn’t any corner in our home she did not explore. Before long, she was a talking two years old who wanted to be independent, and curiously explore the vast world around her.  Looming, however, was an unforeseen event that would change our lives forever. Read more here

Edna Mae McGovern (12/29/07-8/11/09)

02b10706bd7cfb33de00c3705fba6a19 “Em” McGovern slipped outside of her family’s home unnoticed and drowned in their back yard pool.  She was out of her parents’ sight for only a few minutes.  Her family had a pool fence that had been left open and she opened a sliding glass door to gain access to the pool area.  She was a bright, energetic and independent toddler. Unfortunately her story is not unique. If your toddler goes missing always  check the water first as time is critical!

J’Mari Johnson Became an Angel March 17, 2008

35ba7e46b04a7d8017a02f060873a342On a Saturday afternoon in Lauderhill, little J’Mari Johnson got out of a house and went into the backyard swimming pool. A relative found him in the pool and called 911. Paramedics rushed to the house and took J’Mari to Plantation General Hospital, but efforts to revive him failed.  Keep you doors locked and get the kids into swim lessons when they are little.


Broward Aims To Prevent Child Drowning Deaths With Water SMART Website

WSB-story1BROWARD (CBSMiami) – In South Florida, where water is everywhere and swimming is a popular pastime, the drowning statistics for children is high: every year an average of eight children lost their lives to drowning in Broward County.

Water SMART Broward is a website that aims to prevent drowning in the county by putting together helpful resources and information for parents and guardians.

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