Become a Water Smart Broward Partner

Drowning is the leading cause of death
among children ages 1 to 4.

And for every child who dies from a drowning, another 5 receive emergency
department care. More than 50% of nonfatal drowning victims treated in
emergency departments require hospitalization or transfer for further care
because of severe brain damage. (CDC)

Unfortunately, if people have not learned the risks associated with drowning and vital response actions/skills, people simply do not know how to prevent or respond to a drowning… and tragedies continue to happen.
As a community, it is vital that every member accept the responsibility that the safety of all children is everyone’s responsibility.

It doesn’t take a Super Hero to be Water Smart, but it does take a community to protect our children from drowning fatalities and disabilities.

Water Smart Partners can be individuals, neighborhood or civic associations, municipalities, and other groups. A Water Smart Hero does not require a cape, mask or supernatural powers, but rather:

  • Super-Vision powers to be always on active duty to provide constant, close and capable supervision
  • Dutiful Diligence powers to ensure layers of protection are in place and secure if super-vision fails
  • Extreme Perceptions to track down potential water hazards
  • Rescue Might to be equipped to put in action rapid response to save a life!

Contact us to Become a Water Smart Partner:

Florida Department of Health
in Broward County