Brochures & Handouts

Download and share the PDF brochures below to help make our community water smart.

Home Pool Safety

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentHome Pool Safety Checklist

Make pool safety a family affair, inspect your home pool/spa regularly to ensure safer kids, safer water & safer response.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentBroward County Board of Rules and Appeals – Pool Safety Information

Is your pool as safe as it an be? Is it in compliance with the structural, electric and plumbing codes?

Water Instruction

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentAmerican Red Cross – Water Competency

What should be the definition of water competency that addresses the specific basic, minimum skills needed for water safety and survival?

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentAmerican Red Cross – Water Temperature for Aquatic Instruction

What is the appropriate safe temperature range for conducting aquatic programs?

Water Smart Community

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentWater Smart Broward Action Plan

How we plan to fulfill our goal of reducing the incidence of drowning among children 1-4 in Broward County

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentTips to Become a Water Smart Community

How water smart is your community? Take the test and find out what you can do.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentWater Smart Water Watchers

What is a water watcher? Is it necessary? Where is a water watcher needed? Find the answers to these and more questions.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentAmerican Red Cross – Safe Aquatic Outings

What are appropriate/minimum guidelines for licensed day-care, elementary schools and other child service providers to follow as they prepare for a safe aquatic outing?

Resources for Parents

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentWater Smart Parents

Learn & share this information! You could save a life. Most parents who lost a child to drowning never thought it could happen to them.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentWater Smart Moms

Learn the most important rules of bathtub safety, pool safety and what other drowning hazards you should be aware of.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentWater Smart Infant & Toddler Checklist

Do you know ALL the drowning risk areas around your home?

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentMinimum Age for Swimming Lessons

What scientific evidence exists to support setting a minimum age for swimming lessons?

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentDrowning and Children with Autism

Water safety and drowning prevention are critical for families of children with autism to consider.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentChild Care Licensing  Water Safety Forms

Swim Central Water Safety Questionnaire/Parent Education Flyer